Zombie Road in Missouri, a haunted place near Saint-Louis

Zombie in Missouri
A part of the Zombie Road in Missouri

The Zombie Road in Missouri is a road located near Saint-Louis. Many stories of paranormal activity are related to this route. For example, some people tell they saw ghosts, others that they heard some creepy screams!

Where is the Zombie Road in Missouri?

The Zombie Road is a strange place located in the west suburbs of Saint-Louis (Missouri) in the town of Wildwood. In fact today it is a pedestrian and bike trail that was used to be called the Lawler Ford Road. Today, the official name of that path is the Al Foster Trail.

It is a well know place between paranormal activities seekers like the Sensabaugh Tunnel in Tennessee.

You can locate the Zombie Road on the map below:

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Facts about the Zombie Road in Missouri

Road description:

This dead-end road is today only open for pedestrians and cyclists, as it is now a hiking trail. It was a gravel road that became rapidly dirty. That’s why the local administration decided to pave it.

The trail follows and gives access to the Meramec River and the railroad tracks that ran alongside this river. Nowadays, the railroad is abandoned which contributes to this “special” atmosphere on that trail.

Also, a part of the trail rail was restored and today a local association propose a round trip on a little train to the visitors.

In fact, we can say that today it is a 3 kilometers (2 miles) walking path adorned with legends and superstitions. Many people come here especially to experiment with paranormal things that may happen at night.

Some people report they see ghosts, others that they heard some noise or even some screams. Sometimes it is just a general feeling of a presence, of someone that observes them. Actually, only a few people have the courage to follow the all Zombie Road at night to the end without turning back.

History of the Zombie Road:

The Zombie Road was initially built in the 1860s in order to access the river and the train rail alongside the river.

The first rumours that Al Foster Trail is a haunted place started in the 1950s. Some locals say that the place is inhabited by the spirits of the Native Americans, the Confederates soldiers or even child ghosts. Also, another story said there is a serial “zombie killer” who hides on the road after being hit and killed by the train and as an act of vengeance, he chases the young lovers that parked alongside the road.

Actually, even if many visitors report some shadows or other supernatural phenomena, there is no proof that it is more than just another local urban legend.

How to get to the Zombie Road?

The Zombie Road or the Al Foster Trail as it is called officially is located in the southwest suburbs of Saint-Louis (Missouri) about 30 minutes drive from the city. In order to get there, you should take the 50 Highway (or Interstate 44). Then, take the 109 to Wildwood and follow the Al Foster Trail direction.

You visualize how to get there on this map of the drive:

Is the Zombie Road in Missouri Open?

The Hunted road in Missouri is open all year round. Although, today it is not allowed for cars as it is a pedestrian trail.

The road is close during night time. Indeed, if you are planning to come here in order to find some spirits all you will find is the local police that will give you a fine for night trespassing. So, you may not find ghosts but you will surely be caught by the sheriff and go back home with a ticket.

A preview of this haunted place:

Hopefully, with the internet, you can explore the Zombie Road without going there if you are not comfortable going there yourself.

Here is a Youtube video that show this trail:

In summary, you have to understand that the road is not really haunted. At least if you are not addicted to paranormal stories nothing will happen to you will go there. On the other side if you believe in ghosts we don’t suggest going on the Zombie Road in Missouri at least at night, especially because the road is officially closed during nighttime!

Pictures sources: Ghost Hunter from Youtube

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