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Schnebly Hill Road, a funny 4×4 ride in Arizona.

Schnebly Hill Road in Arizona
Schnebly Hill Road

The Schnebly Hill Road is a trail road in Arizona that should be driven only by a 4 wheel drive. The landscapes from this road are truly amazing and the drive is very fun if you enjoy trails.

Where is this trail road located?

The road is situated in the Coconino County, in northern Arizona in the United States.

It is one of the most known trail roads in this area, that’s why lots of drivers are in love with this road.

The official name of the road is FS Road 153.

You can situate the road on the map below:

Enlarge the map

General details about the Schnebly Hill Road:

The trail is an approximately 20 kilometers (12 miles) amazing mountain road through the mountains of Arizona.

As already said, it is a trail so the road is unpaved, there are few segments paved at the beginning, and at the end of the drive.

The ride will take you between 1.5 and 2 hours depending on the stops you made. And you will surely do some to take a look at the scenic landscapes! This is a twisting and turning funny trail where you definitely have some fun!

You will climb more than 600 meters (2000 ft) from Sedona to the Schnebly Hill Vista at 1830 meters (6000 ft) above the sea level.

From this trail, you will definitely have some of the best views in Arizona. For example on the Munds Mountains.

Here is a picture proving this:

Schnebly Hill Road view
Schnebly Hill Road view

How to get to Schnebly Hill Road?

If you are coming from Interstate road 17 you should take exit number 320, then continue Schnebly Hill Road (FS Road 153) direction.

On the other side if you are in the city of the Sedona drive the Highway 179 into Big Park direction until you see the Schnebly Hill Road (FS Road 153) direction.

You can easily find the itinerary of the drive on this map:

A preview of the drive:

Either if you are planning to drive this trail or not, you should watch this video to know how this trail is fun and if your car is ready for it :

Is the Schnebly Hill Road open?

This trail road is usually closed in winter.

To drive this trail you normally don’t need to have any special authorization as a Red Rock Pass. So you can enjoy the road if you are in the area!

Remember that it is a real trail road so be sure your car can pass through the obstacles, an SUV is not enough to cross the trail. Indeed, you need a 4 wheel car to drive with a high clearance to drive on this road. Some segments are rock faces with drops to more than 1 meter (3 ft).

Also, always stay on the road in order to respect the fragile soils and plants.

You can check the traffic details on the official website of the roads of Arizona. We also advise you to start early in the morning. Indeed, the traffic can be heavy on this road because it is a very popular itinerary.

If you are driving the interstate highway 17 in Arizona and need a shortcut to get to Sedona town, you definitely should consider driving the Schnebly Hill Road if you have a four wheel drive. Indeed, it will be an amazing experience!

Pictures credit: Trevor Huxham and Coconino National Forest, Ariz from

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