North Cascades Highway, a scenic drive in Washington.

North Cascades Highway
North Cascades Highway

Driving along the North Cascades Highway offers breathtaking views of the stunning North Cascades mountain range in the U.S. state of Washington. This highway offers breathtaking views of glaciers, peaks, and alpine lakes as it winds through some of the most untamed and wild terrain in the nation. The 138-mile-long (220 kilometers) highway connects the cities of Burlington and Winthrop and makes it simple to access a variety of outdoor recreation options.

Where is the North Cascades Highway located?

In the US state of Washington, there is a road called the North Cascades Highway. It provides access to the North Cascades National Park and the neighborhood along State Route 20. The North Cascades mountain range is traversed by the highway, which begins in the town of Sedro-Woolley and offers breathtaking views and access to a range of recreational opportunities.

You can locate this road on the map below:

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Information about the North Cascades Highway :

In the state of Washington, United States, the North Cascades Highway is a beautiful road that passes through the North Cascades National Park. It connects Burlington and Twisp and covers about 138 miles (222 kilometers) in total.

Glaciers, alpine meadows, and deep valleys are among the most stunning and inaccessible wilderness areas in the Pacific Northwest that can be reached via the highway. The route’s numerous high mountain passes provide breathtaking vistas of the surroundings. There are lots of opportunities for hiking, camping, fishing, and wildlife viewing along the way, making it a well-liked destination for outdoor enthusiasts.

Road preview:

You can obviously have a preview of that drive. Here is a YouTube video that shows a part of the road:

How to get to the road?

The North Cascades Highway is one of the first National Scenic Highway in the United States. Prepare for sweeping vistas, alpine meadows, wildlife-watching opportunities, and recreation galore. This mountain scenic drive begins in Sedro Woolley. To get to Sedro Woolley, take Exit 230 off of I-5, follow WA-20 East, or head North on WA-9. Note that the North Cascades Highway is closed from mid-November to April. Check road conditions before heading out near these dates.

Not so far from this road, you can also drive the Hurricane Ridge Road, the Coquihalla Highway, or even the Sea to Sky Highway.

You can visualize how to get there on this approximative map of the drive:

Is the North Cascades Highway open?

Normally, the North Cascades Highway is open from late May to late November. Though this can change depending on the weather and the state of the road. Because of the frequent snowfall and avalanche dangers during the winter, it is typically not open all year. Before scheduling a trip along the North Cascades Highway, it is advised to check the current state of the roads. Also, you can check more information about road closures on the official website.

The North Cascades Highway is a must-visit location, regardless of whether you are an experienced traveler or a first-time visitor. Why not pack your bags, grab your camera, and head out on a memorable road trip through one of the nation’s most breathtaking regions?

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