Cajon Pass, a mythical Californian road

Cajon Pass road trip in California, USA.
Cajon Pass in Winter

Cajon Pass is a mountain pass asphalted road. It is located in California and is surely on the best road trip on the west coast of the United State.

Where is Cajon Pass scenic road located?

This is a mountain pass that rises at 1151 meters (3777 ft) above sea level. in fact, it appeared after the movement of the San Andreas Fault.

The Pass is located between the San Gabriel Mountains and the San Bernardino Mountains.

It’s actually a former passage of road 66.

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Some history and facts about the road.


The word cajón means box in Spanish. This name was inherited by the name of a Spanish land grant that owned once these lands.

Cajon Pass was first mentioned on a map in 1852.

The native Americans already used this passage to cross the mountains. Then, the Spanish settlers started using the passage more actively.


The mythic road 66 crossed the pass once. Today this particular part of the road is not-practicable between Victorville and the San Bernardino slope. You can still catch sight of some of the old parcels on this road.

Some parts of interstate number 15 were also built on the old paved route 66 sections. Today, Interstate 15 connects Los Angeles to Las Vegas in Nevada.

You can also see a railway that is part of the Union Pacific Railroad and the BNSF Railway. These companies built that part of the railway in 1880.

Before 2016 you could take a break at the famous Summit Inn, located on the Cajon Summit a famous roadside dinner on road 66, particularly appreciated by bikers. Unfortunately, the forest fires of 2016 destroy the restaurant. The owners are planning to rebuild it identical to the old building.

How to get to Cajon Pass?

To drive through Cajon Pass, you have two possibilities:

  • From Crestline, take road 138 in Cajon Junction direction.
  • From Interstate 15 (I-15), take the exit Cajon Junction then, drive road 138 in the Crestline direction.

You should be aware that the area is generally called Cajon Pass including the 15th highway, Cajon Summit, and Cajon junction which are not as scenic as road 138.

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A video of the journey:

If you want to have a preview of the ride, check that Youtube video as it shows you part of the road:

Is the road to Cajon Pass open in winter?

Although the route is always open, it’s important to be informed that snowstorms might happen during the winter and temporarily close the road. Furthermore, it’s essential to drive carefully when the weather is icy. The Californian road is still worthwhile to see despite this!

If you drive in the area you should take a ride on this Californian road!

You can see if the pass is open here: link.

Picture credit: bethi.rahul (instagram)

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