The Marine Drive around Great Orme.

Marine Drive
Marine Drive

If you want to drive on a rally road, try the Marine Drive, which takes you through Great Orme in the UK. This is a designated Heritage Coast road offering incredible scenery and impressive geology at all times.

Where is Marine Drive located?

You can get to the Great Orme by passing the tram stops and taking the same route as the tram, or along the cliff on the road called Marine Drive. It is a route that goes around and also offers access to the summit. It is a popular route for drivers who want to enjoy the thrill of driving on a dangerous road that was once used for rallies.

You can locate this road on the map below:

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Why Marine Drive?

The path that follows the Great Orme Peninsula is winding and full of switchbacks. There are also blind ridges, tight turns, and challenging curves. These are all perfect conditions that make Marine Drive a great rally track. The winding route leads along the cliffs from the north coast to the west coast. All along the way you have rocks on one side and the open sea on the other, with only a small rock separating you. The landscape is also impressive.

The specifications of Marine Drive :

This is one of the roads used in the World Rally Championship. It is quite a challenge for drivers to complete this route. Thanks to the viewing points for spectators, the route is also a perfect route for rallies. Although it is only 4 miles long, it is dangerous and challenging.

Road preview:

To get a sneak peek of this captivating drive, you can watch a YouTube video that showcases a segment of the road:

How to get to the road?

You can reach the summit of Great Orme by turning left onto St Tudno’s Road, about a mile along Marine Drive. Onthewaytothesummit, the 12th-century St.Tudno Church is worth a visit. Your toll ticket also includes parking at the summit.

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Visualize how to get there on this approximative map of the drive:

Is the Marine Drive open?

For those who wish to come and drive here, there is a £3 charge as it is a toll road. This price also includes parking at the Summit Car Park.

The road has one and two lanes in sections. The first 3.5 miles are one-way, so there is no risk of hitting another oncoming car. However, there are many confusing curves and inclines, so drive carefully. There are also numerous parking options along the street. This way you can stop and admire the view.

Marine Drive is a great option to combine exciting curves and blind spots with spectacular views. On the way, you will also see a small building that looks like a small castle. In reality, it was a lighthouse that warned ships that the Orme was nearby.

Picture credit: By Marine Drive around the Great Orme by Steve Daniels, CC BY-SA 2.0,

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