One of Scotland’s greatest drives: A939 road

A939 road
A939 road

Driving through Scotland’s rolling hills, picturesque lochs, and imposing mountains is one of the best ways to experience its breathtaking natural beauty. The A939 is a road that winds through Scotland’s interior, connecting the vibrant metropolis of Aberdeen with the picturesque countryside of the Cairngorms National Park. Anyone who enjoys driving and appreciates Scotland’s breathtaking scenery must travel this road.

Where is the A939 Road located?

In the Scottish Highlands, right in the middle of the Cairngorms National Park, sits the A939 road. The Old Military Road and Lecht Road are other names for it. It’s also important to note that this road has some really steep portions and may be among the greatest in Scotland.

You can locate this road on the map below:

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How long is the A939 road?

Over 60 miles of winding, scenic A939 allow motorists to experience the best of Scotland’s countryside. You’ll be treated to breathtaking views of rolling hills, forests, and lochs as you travel from Aberdeen to the Cairngorms. You can learn about the regional customs and culture of Scotland’s rural communities as the road also passes by a number of small towns and villages. The road is also known as Lecht Road.

The A939 has a long history in addition to being a road with stunning scenery. The road, which connects the cities of Aberdeen and Inverness, has been used as a trade route for centuries. It is also a part of the Scottish Heritage Trail, a drive that introduces tourists to Scotland’s rich cultural heritage while highlighting its history, customs, and iconic sites.

A939 road drive preview:

You can obviously have a preview of that drive. Here is a YouTube video that shows a part of the road:

How to get to Lecht Road?

The entire route is paved. It is 96 kilometers (59 miles) long and travels from Ballater to Nairn. That’s located in the Highland council region on the Moray Coast in Aberdeenshire.

This road can be driven while you’re on the road to the North Coast 500. Also, if you are going to England next, you can drive the Lindisfarne Causeway.

You can visualize how to get there on this map of the drive:

What to do in the Cairngorms National Park?

The Cairngorms National Park is one of the attractions along the A939 highway. The Cairngorm Mountains, Scotland’s largest mountain range, and other breathtaking landscapes can be found in this magnificent wilderness area. You can go hiking in the park’s forests and valleys or take in the panoramic views from the mountaintops. Its abundance of wildlife, which includes otters, golden eagles, and red deer, makes the park a haven for nature lovers.

You can cycle, ski, or go on a trek depending on the season.

Every traveler should put the A939 on their must-see list. This trip through Scotland’s interior will not dissatisfy, whether you enjoy the outdoors, learning about history, or simply taking road trips. So gather your belongings, grab your keys, and embark on a journey along one of Scotland’s most scenic roads.

Picture credit: By Bex-Lemon – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

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