Jeur Brûlée, a road climbing the mountain

Jeur Brulee road in the Valais
Jeur Brûlée road

The Jeur Brûlée road is a small road that allows access to some houses at the top of the Swiss mountains.

Where is the Jeur Brûlée road located?

The road is situated in Fully, a small town located in the Martigny district in Valais Canton in the southeast of Switzerland.

You can locate the road on the map below:

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Some pieces of information about the Jeur Brûlée road:

This is an approximately 9 kilometers (5,6 miles) road that climbs from the village of Fully to the district of Jeur Bûlée.

The road starts at approximately 700 meters (2300 ft) above sea level and ends at 1525 meters (5000 ft).

You will have 1068 meters (3500 ft) of elevation gain with an average gradient of 12%. Furthermore, you will have two kilometers at 18%.

Jeur-Brûlée is the highest hamlet in the town at 1525 meters (5000 ft).

Back in time, houses were supplied exclusively by rainwater which posed some problems. In recent years, a water pipe has been installed.

The most famous of its inhabitants was undoubtedly a donkey with the most unusual capacities. Indeed, he went down to the town alone to do the “shopping”. Once he arrives at the store, the seller knew there was a note attached to the bag with the list of goods needed. After loading, he comes back to his master at Jeur Brûlée.

How to get to la Jeur Brûlée?

In order to come here, you have to go to Fully village which is near the E62 highway near the borders of France and Italy. Don’t forget to discover over roads as the road to Lauterbrunnen.

Here, is a screenshot with the itinerary on it:

A preview of the drive:

You can discover the road by watching this YouTube video:

Is Jeur Brûlée road open?

The road is generally open but can be closed in case of snow on the road or also sometimes it can be closed for motorized vehicles. For example, there are sometimes mountain bike competitions organized.

We advise you to check with the tourism office of Fully if the road is open before getting there.

Also, the road is asphalted but is in a quite poor condition, so be very careful while driving there.

If you are in the Valais, you have so many roads to consider! But once you drive all of the most known, you will surely appreciate this climbing road!

Pictures credit: @nonodors from Instagram.

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