The Jubierre Route, a trail in Monegros

Ruta Jubierre
Ruta Jubierre

The Jubilee Route, also known as the Ruta Jubierre in Spanish, is a scenic loop road in the Monegros region of Spain that offers a thrilling way to explore the region’s rugged hinterland, including its unique rock formations.

Where is the road located?

The road is situated in the Monegros Desert, which is in the province of Huesca in the Autonomous Community of Aragon that is located in the northeast of Spain and borders France. The closest big city to the Jubierre Route is Zaragoza.

You can situate the road on the map below:

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General details about the Jubierre Route:

This is an 11 kilometers (7 miles) road loops around the town of Sena.

The road is partially unpaved, so it is better to have a four-wheel drive car to drive there.

The Jubilee Route makes a loop through the unique and picturesque region of Monegros, a semi-desert area in Spain known for its cool landscapes. One of the highlights of the route are the amazing rock formations that are found throughout the region. These formations, created by centuries of erosion, offer a glimpse into the natural history of the area and provide a stunning backdrop for your journey.

How to get to Jubierre Route?

In order to come to the Ruta Jubierre, you have to come to Sena that it is approximately located between Zaragoza and Barcelona on the A-131 road.

Also, not too far from this road, you can drive the Coll de Pradell.

Here, is a screenshot displaying the itinerary of the road :

Map of the Jubierre Route drive

A preview of the drive:

You can discover the road and the area by watching this YouTube video. This video presents also the landscapes and other attractions in the area:

Is the Jubierre Route Road open?

The road is open all year round. However, the road might be in poor condition in some places, especially after a rainy day.

As it is partially an unpaved road, a four-wheel drive car with a higher clearance will be much appreciated to drive there.

The Jubilee Route is an essential visit if you intend to drive in the Monegros region. This scenic loop road offers the chance to explore the unique and picturesque countryside of the semi-desert region of Aragon. You’ll be able to find cool desert panoramic views that are absolutely breathtaking. It’s a chance that shouldn’t be passed up.

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