GC-210 a crazy road on the Gran Canaria island.


On the island of Gran Canaria in the Canary Islands, Spain, lies the steep, narrow GC-210. Due to its low traffic volume, it is also regarded as the island’s most isolated road. Additionally, it appeared in the Fast & Furious 6 movie, so enthusiastic drivers will have a journey to look forward to. Therefore, if you are an enthusiast driver, you have many reasons to come here and test it out.

Where is the GC-210 road located?

The difficult GC-210 road is a steep and nerve-wracking route that is situated in the central region of the island of Gran Canaria in the province of Las Palmas in the Canary Islands, of Spain. It is reputed to be the island’s loneliest road. It was shown in Fast & Furious 6 and served as the backdrop for several sequences.

The entire route is paved. It is 34 kilometers (21 miles) long and travels from La Aldea de San Nicolas de Tolentino to Tejeda through Artenara, in fact, it’s the island’s highest settlement and one of its oldest, at an elevation of 1270 m (4165 ft).

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Also, you can locate this road on the map below:

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Information about the GC-210 road:

The path is not simple. It’s challenging to ride since it’s hilly, twisting, and in some places too tight (impassable for two cars to travel together). Its highest point is 1378 meters (4520 feet) above sea level. This treacherous yet lovely route is extremely tiny and empty.

The gradient ranges from 4% on average to 9% in some places. There are 32 hairpin twists on the route. Moreover, there are often rock slides in this region. When the road is wet, it is particularly slick.

The road is well known because a part of the Fast and Furious 6 movie was filmed there.

Fast & Furious 6 film on the GC-210 road:

The sixth entry in the Fast and Furious series, sometimes referred to as Furious 6 or Fast Six, was released in 2013 and was directed by Justin Lin. In fact, the GC-210 road serves as the setting for a high-speed pursuit sequence in the movie.

Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, and Dwayne Johnson characters in the movie engage in a high-speed chase with a bunch of criminals who are attempting to flee in a stolen military vehicle on the GC-210 route. A furious pursuit is depicted in the sequence, in which the automobiles jump over bridges and avoid other cars. The chase is made even more exhilarating by the road’s twisting and mountainous terrain.

GC-210 road preview:

You can obviously have a preview of that drive. Here is a YouTube video that shows a part of the road:

How to get to this road?

This road passes through Artenara as it connects La Aldea de San Nicolás de Tolentino with El Rincón. Also, the tallest and one of the oldest communities on the island, Artenara, rises to a height of 1270 m (4167 ft).

You can visualize how to get there on this approximative map of the drive:

Is GC-210 road open?

The road is open all year round. If you can rise fairly early and leave Aldea as the sun is still rising, you will be rewarded with the most incredible change in the rock’s color as the colors go from burned umber to reds, browns, and tans with the intensifying light.

It is a narrow, beautiful road. Indeed, great sights and a little adventure may be found throughout the route. The majority of individuals will need between one and two hours to complete the GC-210 without stopping. Presa Caidero de la Nia and Presa del Parralillo are two reservoir dams that may be seen beautifully from this insane road.

Picture credit: https://fr.tripadvisor.ch/LocationPhotoDirectLink-g187472-d14008504-i396604090-Canary_Ride_Gran_Canaria_Motorcycle_Rental_Tours-Las_Palmas_de_Gran_Can.html

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