Pamir Highway (M41) one of the highest roads on Earth.

The Pamir Highway (officially called M41 road) is the second highest road on earth. Indeed the highest point crosses the Ak-Baital Pass at 4655 meters (15260 ft) above the sea level. This road, more or less in good condition depending on the location, links Kyrgyzstan to Tajikistan, and then to Afganistan. The Pamir Highway or […]

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Beartooth Highway

Beartooth Highway, a beautiful road in the USA.

Crossing Wyoming and Montana is always an adventure. Whether you’re battling high winds, snowstorms, or simply taking in the incredible views, you might encounter something completely different every time you hit the road. One of the most famous highways there is also one of the scariest: the Beartooth Highway is considered by many to be […]

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Lacets de Montvernier, a scenic road in the Alps.

The 18 hairpins of the lacets de Montvernier (on the route départementale 77b), that are hanging from the mountain constitute one of the most spectacular roads in Savoie and a real challenge for cyclists. There is a nice panorama at the top. Where are the lacets de Montvernier located? This scenic road is situated in […]

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Magic Roundabout

The Magic Roundabout in Swindon.

The Magic Roundabout is a roundabout located in Swindon, England, not far from County Ground, home of Swindon Town FC. It was designated as Britain’s fourth scariest intersection by the Britannia Rescue. Indeed, it is one the most scenic junction in the world. Where is the Magic Roundabout located? This curious intersection is situated in […]

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Pamban bridge

Pamban Bridge also called Indira Gandhi Bridge.

Pamban Bridge in India is also called the Indira Gandhi Road Bridge. It is one of the most impressive bridges in the country. It is the longest bridge in southern India. Where is Pamban Bridge located? The Pamban Bridge is situated in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu. In fact, it connects the cities […]

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12 apostles

Great Ocean Road, a scenic road in Australia

Great Ocean Road is a well-known name for a lot of travelers around the world because it is the road that no one wants to miss when traveling to Australia. It is considered one of the most gorgeous roads in the country and very appreciated by locals and tourists. Many say that it is one […]

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Hurricane Ridge Road

Hurricane Ridge Road, a dope drive in Washington.

Hurricane Ridge Road is the road that leads to the Olympic Mountains. It can be a perfect day road trip from Seattle as this road is considered as one the most beautiful road in Washington. Where is Hurricane Ridge Road located? The road is located in the state of Washington near Seattle in the northwest […]

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A road in switzerland in jeur brulée

Jeur Brûlée, a road climbing the mountain.

The Jeur Brûlée road is a small road that allows access to some houses at the top of the Swiss mountains. Where is the road located? The road is situated in Fully, a small town located in the Martigny district in Valais Canton in the southeast of Switzerland. You can situate the road on the […]

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Jubierre Route in spain

The Jubierre Route, a trail in Monegros.

The Jubilee Route (or Ruta Jubierre in Spanish) is a loop road in the Monegros region in Spain. Is it a truly fun way to discover the hinterland of this area such as some rock formations. Where is the road located? The road is situated in the Monegros Desert that is in the province of […]

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Schnebly Hill Road, a funny 4×4 ride in Arizona.

The Schnebly Hill Road is a trail road in Arizona that should be driven only by a 4 wheel drive. The landscapes from this road are truly amazing and the drive is very fun if you enjoy trails. Where is this trail road located? The road is situated in the Coconino County, in northern Arizona […]

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