Explore Norway’s Scenic Aurlandsfjellet National Tourist Route

Aurlandsfjellet national tourist route

Embark on a breathtaking journey from fjord to fjord in south Norway along the stunning Aurlandsfjellet National Tourist Route. Discover a world of snow-capped mountains and magnificent views that lead to a truly unforgettable conclusion.

This journey will leave you with many strong feelings, and the differences between the fjord and the high mountains, where snow is usually present most of the year, are amazing. The untouched and pristine barren landscapes that the route traverses are a hallmark of its unique charm, lending an air of timelessness to the journey. The power line, on the other hand, still reminds of a human presence.

Where is the Aurlandsfjellet road ?

The Aurlandsfjellet road is located in Sognog Fjordane county, Norway, spanning between the municipalities of Aurland and Laerdal. The road crosses the mountainous terrain and plateau, traversing through the Laerdal Tunnel. It is accessible via County Road 243 in Sognog Fjordane.

Also, you can locate the Aurlandsfjellet national touristic route on the map below:

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How long is the Aurlandsfjellet National Tourist Route ?

Fylkesvei 5627, also known as Aurlandsfjellet National Tourist Route, is a 48.6 km (30 miles) stretch through the mountainous terrain of Aurlandsfjellet in Sogn og Fjordane County, Norway. The road was originally replaced by the Laerdal Tunnel, one of the world’s longest road tunnels at 24.5 km (15 miles) to shorten travel time for those crossing the mountain range. However, the original road remains accessible and has since become a popular tourist destination, offering breathtaking views of the Aurlandsfjord from 600 meters (2,000 feet) high.

The road was previously known as County Road 243, but after the county merger in 2020, there were two county roads with the same number, therefore it was renamed. You will surely love one of the most famous roads of the world that is located in Norway, the Atlantic ocean road. Or, the road situated not so far, the Tindevegen road.

History of this itinerary

The Aurlandsfjellet national tourist route was built as an access route for construction and opened in 1967. The route runs through the mountains from Lrdalsyri to Aurlandsvangen, with the highest point at 1,306 meters (4,285 feet) above sea level. The route is blocked in the winter, and the mountain is covered with snow for much of the summer, earning it the nickname “snow road.”

Aurlandsfjellet touristic national route itinerary:

The itinerary for the Aurlandsfjellet Touristic National Route is truly unique, offering a circular tour from Gamle Lrdalsyri to Aurlandsvangen that includes the breathtaking Laerdal Tunnel. Though the road may be closed during winter, the section from Aurlandsvangen to the stunning viewpoint at Stegastein is accessible year-round.

In fact, you can see the itinerary of the Aurlandsfjellet touristic national route on this map:

What to do on the Aurlandsfjellet national tourist route ?

For bikers, whether starting from Lrdal or Aurland, Aurlandsfjellet can be a challenging cycle trip. Indeed, it has a long climb up the mountain. Obviously, In the summer, the stretch from Stegastein to Aurlandsfjorden may be congested.

The experience of being somewhere where there is little evidence of human beings leaves the strongest effect on visitors at Aurlandsfjellet.

The small pleasures, such as feeling the snow or immersing your toes in an icy alpine lake, define the quality of life here. The barren landscape is one-of-a-kind. From the fiord to the mountain, from the verdant valley to the rocky high-mountain desert, the route follows.

The “snow road” over Aurlandsfjellet provides many stark contrasts. Stegastein viewpoint is a natural halt on the way down from the mountain.

The route between Aurlandsvangen and Lrdalsyri on Aurlandsfjorden and Lrdalsyri on Sognefjorden is a fantastic starting place for great walks. There are also spectacular views of the fiords.

A preview of the Aurlandsfjellet Road:

If you are planning to drive the Aurlandsfjellet national tourist route, or just want to discover this beautiful road, you can obviously watch this YouTube video:

Is the Aurlandsfjellet national tourist route open?

From June 1 to around October 15, the mountain road between Aurland and Laerdal is usually available. The route is available all year from Aurland to the Stegastein viewpoint (7.5 km). The path from Aurland to Laerdal to Aurlandsfjellet is 48 kilometers (29.8 miles) long. It has a top elevation of 1,306 meters (4,285 feet).

Also, there are many differences between the fjord and the high mountain region, where snow covers the ground for most of the year. That will leave obviously a lasting impact!

Aurlandsfjellet, nicknamed the Snow Road (Snvegen), is a scenic route in Norway that offers breathtaking views of the country’s picturesque countryside. As one of Norway’s 18 designated scenic routes, it boasts improved conditions and amenities along its highways. A road trip to this destination is a must for anyone looking for a scenic drive in Norway.

Pictures sources: By Guillaume Baviere from Helsingborg, Sweden – 2007-06-15Uploaded by Arsenikk, CC BY 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=16884902

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