Lindis Pass, a mountain road in New Zealand

lindis pass
Lindis Pass

One of New Zealand’s most picturesque roads, Lindis Pass Road is found on the South Island. This breathtaking drive will take you through the Mackenzie Basin’s rolling hills, which are framed by imposing mountains and immaculate lakes. The 53-kilometer (33-mile) long pass, which is situated on State Highway 8, connects the towns of Omarama and Tarras.

Where is the Lindis Pass road located?

The South Island of New Zealand is where the Lindis Pass road is situated. In fact, the approximate length is 53 kilometers (33 miles), and it connects the towns of Omarama and Tarras. The pass, which is a section of State Highway 8, is an important stop along the Alpine Pacific Triangle tourist route. Also, the pass is well-maintained and clearly marked, providing breathtaking views of the Southern Alps and the surrounding Mackenzie Basin.

You can locate the Lindis Pass road on the map below:

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Facts about the Lindis Pass:

The Alpine Pacific Triangle is a popular tourist route, and the Lindis Pass road is a crucial component. From Christchurch, travelers can take this route to the East Coast, through the breathtaking Mackenzie Basin, and then back to Christchurch via the Pacific Ocean road. A highlight of the trip is the Lindis Pass, which provides sweeping views of the Southern Alps and the surrounding area.

The scenery that the Lindis Pass road passes through is among its most impressive features. The Mackenzie Basin’s undulating hills are dotted with sheep and cattle and encircled by impressive mountains. Also, the area is well-known for having clear skies and gorgeous night skies, making it a sought-after location for observing the stars and astrophotography.

How to get to the road?

Drive from Christchurch to Lake Tekapo, then to Lake Pukaki, Twizel, and Omarama to reach the road. From Omarama to Lindis Pass, State Highway 8 South runs. It’s definitely worth the drive such as over roads in New Zealand (Such as the Milford Road).

You can obviously visualize how to get there on this map of the drive:

A video of the journey:

You can have a preview of that drive. Indeed, you just have to watch this YouTube video as it shows a part of the road:

Is Lindis Pass road in good condition?

Even for those who are unfamiliar with the area, it is simple to follow the road because it is well-kept and well-signaled. Normally, the speed limit on the pass is 80 km/h, but there are some places where it can be lowered, especially where the road is congested and winding. Despite this, the road is suitable for both automobiles and motorcycles and is a well-traveled path for cyclists.

You can check if the road is open on this site. Here is also a camera view (webcam) of the road.

The route travels through the lovely Lindis Conservation Area, which features huge alpine tussock meadows. It’s lovely all year, but especially so when the mountains are blanketed in snow. Hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, and bird watching are all popular activities in this area. So, don’t forget about the hikes that begin near the Lindis Pass, on the side of Tarras.

Picture credit: By Ghislain Mary #2, CC BY-SA 2.0,

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