Strada della Forra, an iconic road in northern Italy

Strada della Forra
Strada della Forra

Forra Road or Strada della Forra in Italy is a set of narrow bends and tunnels in the sharp rock, with breathtaking panoramas.

Indeed, in some places, you will have the impression of being suspended above Lake Garda.

This road is truly one of the most beautiful roads in the world. So beautiful that many people, such as Winston Churchill, described it as the eighth wonder of the world. Additionally, a lot of legendary movies were shot there, such as James Bond (Quantum of Solace)

Where is Strada della Forra located?

Strada della Forra, officially named SP38, is located in Italy in the Lombardia region. It runs along the Lago di Garda, a beautiful lake very close to Verona. It is a 1,5h to 2h drive from the biggest cities of the region such as Milan, Bologna, and Venice. So, if you are staying in those cities, the road trip definitely is worth it!

The northern part of Italy has a lot of great roads such as Via del Sale or the Stelvio Pass for example. If you are going to the south don’t forget the Amalfi Coast Drive.

This road leads to Tremosine sul Garda, situated on a structural terrace overlooking the upper Lake Garda, it is part of the most beautiful villages in Italy.

You can also situate the road on the Strada della Forra map below:

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Facts about the road of Strada della Forra

Strada della Forra description:

Strada della Forra is about 10 kilometers long (6 miles) road running in magnificent scenery near the Lake of Garda, the largest lake in Italy.

The road of the Forra, which Winston Churchill referred to as the “eighth wonder of the world,” is unquestionably one of the most beautiful routes in the entire world. About 10 kilometers of a path encircle the Lac de Garde, providing the best panoramic view of Italy’s largest lake between turns and serpentine curves in the mountain’s heart.

Strada della Forra history:

The Strada della Forra has a long history that dates back to 1889 when the original idea appeared. People used to get to Tremosine sul Garda solely on foot, using the Porto Pieve trail and other back roads. On the other hand, supplies were transported via a crude cable car.

Don Giacomo Zanini, parish priest of Vesio, Don Michele Milesi, local politician, Arturo Cozzaglio, designer, and many other renowned persons backed the proposal. In fact, even the Prime Minister of the time agreed the construction of the road was much needed.

The road was officially opened in May 1913, with a large celebration. It accomplished the desire of a lot of people who had been waiting for generations for this engineering marvel. Complete with majestic bridges and steep curves plunging into the Torrent Brasa.

Strada della Forra
Strada della Forra

The landscapes vary along the road. Indeed, sometimes you will be driving along the water sometimes it looks more like you are driving through the jungle, the change of scenery is guaranteed!

How to get to the road of Strada della Forra?

You can begin your journey from Porto di Tremosine to reach the scenic road. From here, there is a three-kilometer ascent. The road becomes increasingly narrow as you approach the settlement of Pieve. Also, from there it’s only going down to the lake.

The Via della Forra is easily traveled by car, but only at a moderate speed due to the mountain’s hairpin bends and tunnels. But that’s not all. It would also be a mistake to rush through it without taking in every modest yet beautiful glimpse of the lake.

What to do around Strada della Forra?

Lake Garda

Lake Garda, also known as Lago di Garda, is the largest and most picturesque lake in Italy, with a surface area of 370 square kilometers. It has a variety of beautiful settings, including steep cliffs in the north and lush vegetation on the southern and western coastlines.

Limone Sul Garda

Long isolated before the construction of the road, Limone is a village specialized in the production of lemons. Located in the northern part of Lake Garda – where the relief is the steepest.
With its lemon trees, pastel houses clinging to the mountainside, and postcard panoramas, it has become a popular destination.

For bike lovers, a cycling route hung above Lake Garda has just been inaugurated in Limone. This 2-kilometer-long (1,3 miles) footbridge hovers 50 meters (165 ft) above the water, providing a unique view of the lake.


There are a lot of hikes around the lake. Among them, the Sentiero del Ponale is a historic route that has been turned into a lovely hiking trail. This tortuous route used to be the only way to get to Lake Ledro, which is located above Lake Garda.

The road was abandoned when a tunnel, replacing the road, was built. The road became a pedestrian route. Along the route, you’ll come across Austro-Hungarian fortifications, an abandoned power station, caves, waterfalls, and spectacular views.

Is Strada della Forra open?

The road is subject to closures, especially in winter. Indeed, due to the road condition and as it is very narrow, it can be dangerous to drive it in winter

In fact, the route had been closed since December 2020 due to a problem with the terrain. It has been reopened since, but the route’s opening conditions change fairly frequently. So, always check the official website to be sure the road is open.

A preview of Strada della Forra in Italy :

To prepare for your road trip to this amazing itinerary, you can obviously check a preview of the drive with this YouTube video:

If you are visiting northern Italy and have the opportunity to explore Strada della Forra, you will not be disappointed. Indeed, the route is quite stunning, and the entire countryside is breathtaking; it is well worth the detour.

Credits: By Domenico Marchetti – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

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