Black Forest High Road (B500 Road), a popular road in Germany.

Black Forest High Road (B500 Road)
Black Forest High Road (B500 Road)

In the heart of Baden-Württemberg, the Black Forest High Road (B500 Road) connects Baden-Baden to Freudenstadt, through passes and wooded areas.

This 65-kilometer (40 miles) long road, which winds its way up to an altitude of 1,000 meters above sea level (3,280 feet), offers magnificent views from the Rhine plain to the Vosges mountains.

This panoramic road is truly one of the most beautiful in Europe. Don’t forget your camera!

Where is the Black Forest High Road ?

This itinerary is situated in the west part of Germany, near the French border.

The Black Forest High Road, or Schwarzwaldhochstraße in German, is a beautiful route through the Black Forest region of Germany, which follows the ridges of the low mountains of southwest Baden-Württemberg.

You can easily trace the road with this map :

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Facts about the Black Forest High Road (B500 Road):

The road runs for about 65 kilometers (40 miles), between majestic spaces and panoramas, ending in Freudenstadt, a climatic resort founded in the 16th century. The ribbon of asphalt that unfolds before you is of perfect quality and the road is very wide. On the maps, it is called B500.

You will cross a mountainous massif, with small traditional villages as stages. It reveals a variety of landscapes on its heights: in the north, spruce trees line steep roads, creating a sometimes mysterious atmosphere; in the center, the vineyards of the hillsides give way to pastures and rich farmhouses; in the south, lakes alternate with high peaks.

The Black Forest Ridge Route, a scenic route, offers many beautiful views over the Rhine plain to the Vosges mountains. It starts in Baden-Baden, Germany’s famous health resort, and ends 65 km further on in Freudenstadt. It runs through the mountains at an altitude of 800 (2,650 feet) to 1,000 meters (3,280 feet) on the B500. Climbing through the Bühlerhöhe, it arrives at the Hornisgrinde. The Hornisgrinde is the highest peak in the northern Black Forest at 1,164 meters above sea level (3,818 feet). On its summit is a wind farm. Below, the Mummelsee (1,036 meters / 3,398 feet), a glacier lake of which there is a number in the region. On the lakeshore, there is a restaurant with a terrace and pedal boat rental.

How to get to this road ?

If you are coming from the north you have to drive to Baden Baden then drive the B500 road to Freudenstadt.

Usually, travelers do the itinerary in this direction, but you can of course do it in the opposite direction!

You can situate the itinerary on this map:

A video of the journey:

You can have a preview of that drive. You just have to watch this YouTube video as it shows a part of the road to enjoy its scenery :

If you are looking for another itinerary in Germany you can drive Fairy Tale Road that is northern than the B500 or the Feldberg Pass.

Is Black Forest High Road (B500 Road) open?

The Black Forest High Road (B500 Road) is open all year round.

The road was inaugurated in 1930 as a tourist route. There can be a lot of traffic on it, especially on weekends and during the high season. Don’t forget to take advantage of the many viewpoints along the cornice!

The nature reserves on both sides of the Schwarzwaldhochstraße are home to unique flora and fauna. Whether you are a hiker, a Nordic walker, or a mountain biker in the summer or a skier or Nordic skier in the winter, there is something for everyone.

The Black Forest High Road (B500 Road) runs from Baden-Baden to Freiburg through the beautiful valleys of the Black Forest. Don’t miss this scenic route, which passes through a region considered by many travelers as the most beautiful in Germany!

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