Route de Presles in France, an impressive road.

Route de Presles
Route de Presles

Between Scots pines, boxwoods and pubescent oaks, the route de Presles climb up the edge of the Choranche cirque. It stretches in the southern scents thanks to a microclimate created by the cliffs.

The road to Presles twists and turns in the slope gradually rising above the gorges of the Bourne in an amazing atmosphere. It offers an unexpected tightening while crossing the splendid hamlet of Nugues before arriving on the famous belvedere of the collar of Aures where a pause will allow a panoramic vision towards the south of Vercors and the plain of Isère.

Where is the Presles road located?

The plateaus of the Vercors are bordered by spectacular cliffs. The road to Presles starts in the Bourne valley between Pont en Royans and Chorance. It is located in the department of Isère between Grenoble and Lyon in the southeastern French region of Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes.

You can situate the road on the map below:

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Facts about Presles road.

The official name of the road is D292. It presents a succession of tunnels and passages, all cut in the rock.

The Presles road rises between 235 meters (771 feet) and 810 meters (2657 feet) above sea level for 8 kilometers (4,7 miles) of ascent.
The Presle road leaves the Bourne valley 1,3 kilometers (0,8 miles) after the exit of Pont en Royans, the altitude is 235 meters (771 feet).
From the first bends, the view widens on the Bourne valley and the cliffs which surround it, the altitude is there 331 meters (1086 feet).

To reach the Col de Toutes Aures, the road to Presles is sometimes very narrow. The panorama on the cliffs which border the plateau of Vercors is striking, the altitude is 560 meters (1837 feet). The road then becomes very narrow and after two bends the road has been dug into the side of the cliff. It is the most spectacular road passage of Presles road, the altitude approaching 800 meters (2625 feet). There is then a parking lot at the top of the road as soon as you arrive on the plateau, the altitude is 810 meters (2657 feet).

How to get to route de Presles ?

The cliffs of the Vercors, which are crossed by the road to Presles, are accessible from Pont en Royans.
Pont en Royans is about 13 kilometers (8 miles) from exit 9 and 14 kilometers (8,6 miles) from exit 8 of the A49 highway between Voreppe and Valence.
Then, in Pont en Royans follow the direction of Presles.

You can view the itinerary of the road on this map:

What to do next to this road ?

Pont en Royans is the essential village of Royans. Its houses suspended on the Bourne river made the fame of this village of Royans.

Pont en Royans
Pont en Royans

The Presles area is known as one of the best outdoor sports areas in Europe, especially for climbing.

You can also drive another dope balcony road in the area the Combe Laval road.

Is the route des Presles open?

The road is usually open all year round. Don’t forget to check the weather conditions before you leave. Also pay attention to the condition of the road, especially on the possible presence of fallen stones. In winter the road may also be closed due to snowfall.

A preview of Presles road in France :

You can have a preview of the drive with this YouTube video:

Driving this road will offer you an emotional journey, as well as fantastic views of the Vercors Highlands. Overall, driving this road is an extraordinary experience and you will have the opportunity to drive on one of the most spectacular balcony roads in France.

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