Petrobras Viaduct

Petrobras Viaduct, an abandoned bridge in the jungle.

The Petrobras Viaduct is an abandoned concrete masterpiece in the middle of the Brazilian rainforest.It is located in the eastern part of the southern state of São Paulo in Brazil.It is a very popular place for fans of abandoned places because it is a big concrete construction out of nowhere. Where is the Petrobras Viaduct […]

Pichachén Pass

Paso Pichachen, a road through two countries

Paso Pichachen is an international road. Indeed, it links two countries in the Andes mountains: Chile with Argentina. Where is Paso Pichachen road located? Paso Pichachen is situated in the Biobío Region region in Chile side and the Neuquén region in Argentina. The road links these two countries in the mountains. The pass is also […]

Yungas Road, the Death Road of Bolivia.

Yungas Road or the Death Road of Bolivia (Ruta del Muerte in Spanish) is a tragically famous scenic road near La Paz in Bolivia for the numerous accidents and deaths on it. Where is the Yungas Road? The Death Road is also known as Yungas Road, Coroico Road, Camino de las Yungas, Camino de la […]