Donner pass view

Donner Pass, a road that worth the detour.

Donner Pass Road in California is a very cool alternative to Interstate 80. Indeed, Donner Pass, on Donner Pass Road, is not the same road as Donner Summit, on Interstate 80. Where is Donner Pass located? Donner Pass Road is located in northern Sierra Nevada. In fact, it is in the northeast of California in […]

Pai Bridge

Pai Memorial Bridge, a historical bridge in Thailand.

Tha Pai Memorial Bridge or Tha Pai World War II Memorial Bridge is a bridge made of steel and wood built during World War II and is now a mandatory stop for tourists. It is a historic place and an architectural curiosity because it is built in wood. Where is Pai Memorial Bridge located? This […]

Imogene Pass

Imogene Pass, one of the highest road in Colorado

Imogene Pass is a superb 4×4 track between Telluride and Ouray in the state of Colorado in the United States. It is the second-highest passable pass by vehicle in Colorado. It crosses a ridge connecting Ouray to Telluride and is the highest mountain pass in the San Juan Mountains. The road is accessible to 4×4 […]

Bridge to Nowhere

Bridge to Nowhere, an abandoned road in California

The Bridge to Nowhere is a part of a road originally built to be the road from Azuza to the mountain town of Wrightwood. A road was here up to the bridge, but the track was later destroyed by a flood in 1938. Today, you can access the bridge by taking an excellent 10 mile […]

Sensabaugh Tunnel

Sensabaugh Tunnel a haunted road in Tennessee

The Sensabaugh Tunnel is a road located near Kingsport in the state of Tennessee. Many stories of paranormal activity are related to this route. The inhabitants believe that it is a place haunted by evil and should be avoided at all costs. It is a place where there are demonic apparitions, where cars break and […]

Moki Dugway

Moki Dugway, a scenic road in Utah.

The Moki Dugway is located in the United States in the county of San Juan, in the state of Utah. This series of switchbacks on the rampart side links the Valley of the Gods to the top of a mesa, the Cedar Mesa, which overlooks it further west. The route is part of the Trail […]

Moki Dugway

Espinazo del Diablo, a scenic road in Mexico

Espinazo del Diablo is a famous route in Mexico which in English is called The devil’s backbone. It is a mountain road on the mainland west coast of Mexico.The road is quite famous with locals and tourists alike for its hairpins and zigzag turns. Where is Espinazo del Diablo located? You can drive the Espinazo […]

Monatch Pass in Colorado

Monarch Pass, a mountain road in Colorado.

Monarch Pass is a high mountain pass in Colorado. The pass is located in the Rocky Mountains of the western United States. Monarch Pass in Colorado is considered one of the most beautiful in Colorado. It provides a 360-degree view of the southern end of the Sawatch Range from the summit. Where is the Monarch Pass located? The […]

Tail of the dragon road

The Tail of the Dragon also called the Deals Gap

On the border of Tennessee and North Carolina, this portion of US 129 bordered by the Great Smoky Mountain National Forest to the north, and the Cherokee National Forest on the south is called the Tail of the Dragon. It is called that way because of the path that looks like a dragon’s tail. The […]

Road to Key West

Key West Drive from Miami, also named the Overseas Highway.

There are a lot of magnificent roads that run along the sea or the ocean in the world but the Overseas Highway (also named the Florida Keys Highway) in Florida is actually more than 100 miles into the Gulf of Mexico, linking the Key Island to the south of Florida. Key West drive remains surely […]