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Black Forest High Road (B500 Road), a popular road in Germany.

In the heart of Baden-Württemberg, the Black Forest High Road (B500 Road) connects Baden-Baden to Freudenstadt, through passes and wooded areas. This 65-kilometer (40 miles) long road, which winds its way up to an altitude of 1000 meters above sea level (3280 feet), offers magnificent views from the Rhine plain to the Vosges mountains. This […]


Fairy Tale Road, a fabulous itinerary in Germany.

The Fairy Tale Road is located away from ultra touristy routes: between Bremen, in the north-east of Germany, and Hanau, near Frankfurt am Main, lies a preserved region where the Grimm brothers lived. Of course to whom we owe the popularization of the tales made famous, later, notably by Disney. This route allows you to […]