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Petrobras Viaduct, an abandoned bridge in the jungle.

Petrobras viaduct
Petrobras viaduct

The Petrobras Viaduct is an abandoned concrete masterpiece in the middle of the Brazilian rainforest.
It is located in the eastern part of the southern state of São Paulo in Brazil.
It is a very popular place for fans of abandoned places because it is a big concrete construction out of nowhere.

Where is the Petrobras Viaduct ?

Petrobras Viaduct road is located in the southeast of Brasil. More precisely it is in the eastern part of the southern state of São Paulo in Brazil.

You can situate this abandoned bridge on the map bellow:

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Facts about the Petrobras Viaduct:

The project was to make a shortcut to bypass the coastal road from Rio de Janeiro to Sao Paulo.
It is located on the south-eastern coast of the country in the mountainous peaks of the Sierra de Mar.

The concrete bridge sits over 40 meters (131 feet) above the Brazilian jungle. It is 300 meters (984 feet) long

However, the project was abandoned following the Brazilian economic crisis.


Initially, this viaduct was to be part of the Trans Coastal Highway planned by the Brazilian government in the 1950s. It was to be the longest highway in the country but also in all of South America. Indeed it was to extend over more than 4800 kilometers (3000 miles) from north to south of the country.

In the 1970s, the Brazilian government wanted to build a shortcut through the jungle and therefore started raising this viaduct to complete this highway. The original plan was to build a bridge over the jungle, but the idea came with all kinds of challenges. The project was abandoned because it was too expensive.

You can also find a bridge to nowhere in California.

How to get to Petrobras Viaduct?

The nearest city is Caraguatatuba that is about 25 kilometers (15 miles). From there, you can eventually access the viaduct taking dirt paths. Although the best way to get there is to go from the Salesopolis Caragua neighborhood in Porto Novo then take a country road, and finally approach the structure by foot.

Things do to near the Petrobras Viaduct:

Today it’s a touristic place where people come to see this weird piece of asphalted that “floated” in the jungle.

Also, there are some people who practice rappelling and bungee jumping.

Petrobras Viaduct view
Petrobras Viaduct

A video of the journey:

You can have a view of that abandoned road by watching this Youtube video:

Is the Petrobras Viaduct open?

This road is obviously close to traffic as it was never finished. Despite this, you can access the construction to have a look.

Be aware that it could be dangerous as it is not an official construction and if you have an accident there the place is in the jungle so emergency could take time to come.

If you want to explore an amazing abandoned road in Brasil you should definitely visit the Petrobras Viaduct. It is a must-do in the area because the place is really impressive!

Picture credit: By Fabio Musara on Google+

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