Nockalmstrasse a well known road in Austria


The Nockalmstrasse, often known as the Nockalm Road, is a breathtaking drive in the southern Austrian province of Carinthia. This road allows motorists the opportunity to experience the luxury of sliding through the mountain terrain and exhilarating curves, making it a more than delightful ride, much like other routes in Austria’s hilly region.

Where is the Nockalmstrasse located?

Nockalmstrasse, also known as the Nockalm Road, is located in the Carinthia area of the Karnten. One of Austria’s picturesque Alpine roads is this one.

It’s a toll road that runs from Innerkrems to Ebene Reichenau and is tucked away in Nockberge National Park. Both the surface and the corners are almost flawless. A region of a particularly lovely landscape is encircled by the road in a number of gentle bends.

You can also locate this road on the map below:

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Information about Nockalmstrasse :

The road spans a 35 kilometers (22 miles) distance between Ebene Reichenau in the south and the Innerkrems in the north. It is without a doubt one of the most breathtaking and interesting alpine drives you can do in Austria. There are at least 52 bends on the Nockalmstrasse, in addition to other curves, as it spirals up and down in the Nockbergs. You will pass over mountains and across valleys as a result of these curves. There is nothing like traveling this path. You will ascend on a gradual inclination to a height of 2000 meters (6600 ft) above sea level.

The views that become visible to you as you ascend this route make the journey magnificent. The greatest stone pine forest in the Eastern Alps may also be found here. Additionally, from here, you can view the Nockberge’s lush tops and huge alpine pastures. The spike lavender plant lives in this environment as well. One of the geological oddities of the Alps is the presence of the rounded Nocken peaks.

History of the Nockalm road:

The Nockalm Road was determined to be constructed in accordance with a report that the Carinthian provincial administration submitted in 1971. It was intended to strengthen the link between the Nock Mountains and the province’s core region, on the one hand, and the Tauern Highway—which was still under construction—and the Lieser Valley, on the other. It was thought that this would boost tourism in the Nock area and provide benefits for motor vehicle access to and from the forest and alpine meadows.

After several years of building, the Nockalmstrasse, which is now asphalted, was made for use as a toll road in 1981. The road is constructed to make driving simple. The price of the building was little around 7.27 million euros.

Nockalmstrasse Road preview:

You can obviously have a preview of that drive. Here is a YouTube video that shows a part of the road:

How to get to the Nockalmstrasse?

It leads from Innerkrems over the Eisentalhöhe (2049 meters above sea level), Karlbad, Grundtal, Schiestelscharte, and Winkltal to Ebene Reichenau. If you are coming from the west drive the A10 to Kremsbrücke then drive the L19 road to Innerkrems. And, if you are coming from the east drive road 95 to Ebene Reichenau where the road starts.

Not so far from this road, you can also drive the Arlberg Pass or the Gerlospass.

You can visualize how to get there on this approximative map of the drive:

Is the Nockalmstrasse road open?

From early May to the end of October, the Nockalmstrasse is open. You can either travel in the opposite direction, beginning in Innerkrems and finishing in Ebene Reichenau. In any case, you will appreciate it equally since the road is breathtakingly beautiful, and driving on it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You may travel this route from either side because you will see new viewpoints that are unmatched. Given the short distance, you have plenty of time to enjoy both rides. Also don’t forget that is it a toll road. You check if the road is open here.

It’s understandable why drivers like traveling along this winding mountain route. Indeed, the Nockalmstrasse has manageable curves, varying landscapes, meadows, and woodlands, and several services along the way that will make your trip special. The gentle gradient is ideal for drivers to appreciate the distinctiveness of the Nockbergs mountains. Additionally, this road features numerous gentle bends and turns that will make your drive comfortable and enjoyable.

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