Road to Mckillops Bridge in Australia.

Mckillops Bridge in Australia
Mckillops Bridge in Victoria

Road to Mckillops Bridge in Victoria, Australia, is a road that leads to a very scenic bridge with a deck made of wood in the 1930s. It is considered one of the most amazing bridges but also one of the most dangerous roads in Australia. Indeed, a lot of travelers ad this road to their bucket list of places to visit in Australia.

Where is the road to Mckillops Bridge?

This road and bridge are situated in the Snowy River National Park, in Victoria, which is in the southeast of Australia. It is a well known destination for road trips in Victoria. It is located near the Alpine National Park.

You can situate the road on the map just below:

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Facts about the Mckillops Bridge:


The road to Mckillops Bridge is an 80 kilometers (50 miles) miles drive in the Snowy River National Park. Generally, the drive will take you approximately 2 hours without any stops.

The official name is the C611 road.

It is a mud road that can be driven with a 2WD car. Although it will be better to have a 4WD or at least a car with a high clearance to drive there. On rainy days you may need a 4WD drive because of the mud that can be hard to pass.

In fact, it is one of the most scenic drives in the Australian Bush, as well as the Great Ocean Road as a coastal road and the Black Spur Drive as a forest drive.

The bridge that crosses the Snowy river near its juncture with the Deddick River, consists of welded steel trusses, which are supported by tall monolithic reinforced concrete columns and support an elaborate timber bridge structure. The deck is 250 meters long (820 ft).


The construction of the bridge was started in 1931 and it was said that it was unbreakable. Despite that, the bridge was washed away after strong rains just before the opening in 1934. After that, it was rebuilt 5 meters (16 ft) higher and officially opened in 1936.

The Snowy River National Park was established in 1979.

Road to Mckillops Bridge itinerary:

If you are coming from the south (from Melbourne for example) you have to take the M1 highway to Nowa Nowa and then take the C620 road then the C608 road to Wulgulmerang East where you have to take the Mckillops Bridge Road (C611).

And if you are coming from the north (from Sydney for example) you have to drive also the M1 highway to Bega and then drive the B72, then the B23, and at Bombala take the C612 to the Mckillops Bridge Road (C611).

You can visualize how to get there on this map of the drive:

What to do at Mckillops Bridge:

In the Snowy River National Park, you will surely find many activities to do: swimming, canyoning, hiking, and other outdoor activities.

Also, you can find some accommodation in the area such as a camping site where you can stay for the night but there is no hotel on the Mckillops Bridge Road.

The Mckillops Bridge
The Mckillops Bridge

A preview of the drive:

If you are planning your road trip to Mckillops Bridge, you should definitely watch this video to have an idea of the this scenic road:

Is Mckillops Bridge road open?

The drive is usually always open all year round. It can be closed on bad weather days when the road is too wet and can become even more dangerous.

While driving on this road you should be very careful and attentive on the Mckillops Bridge. Don’t drive there at night, it will be extremely dangerous.

You can drive this road with a 2WD, but it is recommended only if you have good driving skills. Caravans and RVs are not recommended on this road.

Also, remember that dogs are not allowed in the Snowy River National Park.

To summarize we can say that the Mckillops Bridge road is a classic drive in Australian Bush. In fact, if you want to discover this region this drive should be on your road trip bucket list. Don’t forget that it is a backcountry unpaved road and you made need a special car (a high clearance and or a 4WD).

Pictures credits: Colin Adland on flickr.

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