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Looking for the most scenic roads on the planet? You are at the right place, welcome to our website, roadstotravel.net ! Indeed, on roadstotravel.net you will find a selection of the best roads on Earth. Our goal is to create an encyclopedia of the most scenic roads.  With our website it will be way easier […]

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Espinazo del Diablo

Espinazo del Diablo, a scenic road in Mexico

Espinazo del Diablo is a famous route in Mexico which in English is called The devil’s backbone. It is a mountain road on the mainland west coast of Mexico.The road is quite famous with locals and tourists alike for its hairpins and zigzag turns. Where is Espinazo del Diablo located? You can drive the Espinazo […]

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zig zag road in england

Zig Zag Hill, an alpine road in England.

It is surely one of the funniest roads in England. Indeed the Zig Zag hill road really looks like a mountain road and allows to have the sensation of driving close to an alpine road. Where is the Zig Zag hill? The road is part of the B3081 road and is located near Shaftesbury, a […]

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Petrobras Viaduct

Petrobras Viaduct, an abandoned bridge in the jungle.

The Petrobras Viaduct is an abandoned concrete masterpiece in the middle of the Brazilian rainforest.It is located in the eastern part of the southern state of São Paulo in Brazil.It is a very popular place for fans of abandoned places because it is a big concrete construction out of nowhere. Where is the Petrobras Viaduct […]

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col de la Schlucht

Col de la Schlucht, the best road in Vosges.

Col de la Schlucht is a mountain pass road in the Vosges mountains in France. The road is well known by tourists and especially cyclists. In fact, it is one of the main passes of the Vosges mountains Where is the Col de la Schlucht ? Col de la Schlucht road is located in the […]

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Slea Head Drive

Slea Head Drive, a scenic circular route.

The Slea Head Drive is a circular road in Dingle Peninsula that is situated in the Kerry Region in Ireland. The road and the area are known for their scenic landscapes. This road is often on the list as one the most beautiful in Ireland. Slea Head Drive is indeed a tourist route that takes […]

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Monatch Pass in Colorado

Monarch Pass, a mountain road in Colorado.

Monarch Pass is a high mountain pass in Colorado. The pass is located in the Rocky Mountains of the western United States. Monarch Pass in Colorado is considered one of the most beautiful in Colorado. It provides a 360-degree view of the southern end of the Sawatch Range from the summit. Where is the Monarch Pass located? The […]

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Col de la Bonette Pass

Col de la Bonette, one of the highest roads in Europe

Col de la Bonette (or Bonette Pass in English) is a mountain pass in the French Alps. It allows us to join the Cime de la Bonette road which is one of the highest asphalted roads in France. It is a superb touristic route evolving in splendid landscapes. Indeed, it is difficult to remain impassive […]

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route des grandes alpes

Route des Grandes Alpes, a scenic road trip in France.

Are you ready for a great road trip in the French Alps? Discover the beauty of the French Alps by following the legendary Route des Grandes Alpes. You will cross four national parks, climb 17 mountain passes among the highest in Europe. Combining lakes, remote valleys and impressive views, this legendary route is the most […]

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Tail of the dragon road

The Tail of the Dragon also called the Deals Gap

On the border of Tennessee and North Carolina, this portion of US 129 bordered by the Great Smoky Mountain National Forest to the north, and the Cherokee National Forest on the south is called the Tail of the Dragon. It is called that way because of the path that looks like a dragon’s tail. The […]

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Pichachén Pass

Paso Pichachen, a road through two countries

Paso Pichachen is an international road. Indeed, it links two countries in the Andes mountains: Chile with Argentina. Where is Paso Pichachen road located? Paso Pichachen is situated in the Biobío Region region in Chile side and the Neuquén region in Argentina. The road links these two countries in the mountains. The pass is also […]

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