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Looking for the most scenic roads on the planet? You are at the right place, welcome to our website, roadstotravel.net ! Indeed, on roadstotravel.net you will find a selection of the best roads on Earth. […]

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Tindevegen road

Tindevegen road, a cool drive in Norway.

In Norway’s Sogn og Fjordane county, Tindevegen is a high mountain pass rising 1.322 meters (4,337 ft) above sea level. Although it is paved, the road to the summit is somewhat winding and steep, reaching […]

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katy freeway texas

Katy Freeway, the widest road in the U.S.A.

In Texas, everything is bigger. The tendency of the United States’ largest state to be extravagant extends to transportation. Contrary to popular belief, greater does not always equal better, and even less so when it […]

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